You missed your period, ‘At long last’, or ‘already?’ or ‘Help, this was not the plan’. You are pregnant now and have to deal with many things. You make your first appointment. We tell you about prenatal screening and take your blood or give you a form for having your blood tests taken in the ultrasound centre. Single and pregnant. What if things go wrong and it becomes a miscarriage.



you did a pregnancy test and now it is positive. Maybe you are over the moon! Perhaps you are not happy straight away but your first reaction is shock or fear. Sometimes pregnancy comes after trying for a long time, but sometimes it happens quicker than you think, or even unplanned. It doesn’t matter, you have time to get used to your pregnancy. More information here

first appointment

Your first appointment

Your first appointment is your first meeting with one of us. The appointment lasts about an hour. We have many questions for you and tell you a lot as well. If you have questions, please make a list so that we can address these also.


Prenatale tests

Prenatale screening tests give you information about the chance of having a child with a chromosomal abnormality. The tests may show an extra chromosome 13 (Patau syndrome), 18 (Edwards syndrome) or 21 (Down syndrome). The choice to have prenatal screening or not is a very personal one. What is your background, what are your moral and ethical principles, would you welcome a child with a chromosomal abnormality or would you terminate the pregnancy? These are all questions that you can consider when contemplating to have the tests or not. A useful decision aid is available. This lists all the pro’s and con’s so that you can make a deliberate choice. Whatever you choose, to test or not, every choice you make is all right.

blood tests

Blood tests

In pregnancy it is important to know your blood group and rhesus factor and whether you have antibodies. Other tests are for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B; three diseases that can be treated to prevent your baby from getting them. We also test your haemoglobin to see if your iron level is okay.

single and pregnant

Single and pregnant

You may not have a partner when you are pregnant, you can also choose to be pregnant on your own. Perhaps your pregnancy wish is very strong and you do not yet or no longer have a partner. And sometimes it is not a choice, but it happens that a partner can not or does not want to take part. Every relationship and every pregnancy is unique. It is important for you to make the most of the situation you are in. See here. If you need some extra support because you are not happy with your situation, you can get help; see here.



Miscarriage: Sometimes your baby stops growing at an early stage of the pregnancy. The miscarriage often starts somewhat later, more information see here.  You can always call us if you are uncertain.  

for partners

For partners

The woman you love is pregnant, you are going to have a baby together and now your relationship is already changing.  Your partner may behave differently than before pregnancy, the hormones can have an influence from an early stage. The sickness and tiredness make things hard for your partner and therefore also for your relationship. See here.