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Many things that count can not be counted.

You are pregnant: congratulations! The beginning of an exciting time.  Many things will change and not only in your body. As midwives, we support women and their partners during pregnancy, but also before that when you want to get pregnant. We attend births at home, in birth centres and in hospital (midwife-led hospital birth) and we visit you after birth during the postnatal period.

Why us?

Our practice is small. We are a small team and take a lot of time for you. The appointments last half an hour on average and during labour as well we can spend much time with you. This makes our care personal. We think it is important that you give birth in a way that suits you, at a place that feels right for you. Because then you produce the hormones that you need for a good birth.

“Your support made me feel very well looked after and especially being listened to. That was important for me because of my previous experience. I still get emotional when I think of this.” 

Lora, mother of two children.

  • The appointments takes 30 minutes, so there is enough time to talk about everything you want to know
  • During labour we can stay with you as long as you need
  • We look after you in labour in different places, depending on your preference: at home, in a birth centre or in hospital (for a midwife-led birth)
  • You can use different birthing positions: on a birthing-stool, on all fours, other positions or you can have a waterbirth
  • We will coach you during labour and can provide laughing gas (Entonox). You can also use a pool for pain relief. If more pain medication is needed we organise this in the hospital.
  • We work with all hospitals.
  • We have contracts with all health insurance companies.

Who are we?

We are a small team of 4 midwives with many years of experience. We rarely work with locum midwives because we cover for each other during holidays.

The midwife on duty will look after you during labour. Therefore, it is good to meet all four of us during you pregnancy. But if you prefer to see only one or two midwives for your antenatal care, this is possible too. Tell us what you prefer during your first appointment.

Pregnancy in 10 steps

Your pregnancy is a journey. Our timeline will learn you everything you need to know.