Welcome! You are pregnant. Congratulations. This is the beginning of an exciting period.

On this page we have some information in English. The English version of the other pages is under construction.

We work with a small team of four midwives; Constance Erwich, Caroline Grootes and Ank de Jonge and Sarah Nijssen. We provide care for a limited number of women to ensure we have a lot of time for you, both during clinic appointments and during labor. Every appointment lasts 30 minutes (60 minutes for the first appointment). We all speak English at ours office and one of us speaks French and German too. We can provide written information in many languages. After you have given birth we visit you at your home to make sure you and your baby are doing well.

As midwives we are trained in taking good care of you and your baby when everything goes well. In case extra obstetric care by an obstetrician/gynecologist is needed, we have a trusted collaboration with every hospital in the region.

With the assistance of one of the midwives of our practice, you can choose to give birth at home, in a birth center or in a hospital. We believe that a personal relationship with the midwife has a positive effect on the course of pregnancy and birth.

We also like to take time and give you good information so that you can make an informed choice about prenatal testing, pain relief, and many other aspects of care. If you wish we explain everything about prenatal screening tests like the NIPT and the 20-week anomaly scan. At the moment an early anomaly scan in week 13 is an option, it’s done as a scientific research program.

Are you planning to get pregnant? You can also make an appointment with us to consult us on a healthy start of pregnancy, questions regarding genetics, or your own health.

In our own Ultrasound Centre (Echo centrum Amsterdam) the antenatal ultrasound scans are made by expert obstetric ultrasonographers (echoscopistes). At your first appointment, we provide you with a referral for ultrasound and forms for your blood tests.

You can call us to make an appointment as soon as you know that you are pregnant.
To register, please fill in our online registration form (” aanmelden”) or call: 06 – 524 789 53

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